Posted by Margie & Mike Ginnaty

It's where you and your family spend the majority of your time. It’s the room your guests see the most of when they come to your home. It should be a place that is comfortable and functional. However, don't overlook the importance of your living room decor.

Here are 5 low-cost living room decorating ideas.

1. Mismatched Frames. You have a lot of them around your home. They don’t need to match. Give your living room an eclectic look by hanging mismatched frames on a wall. See some ideas at

2. Add some color. Give emphasis to a neutral room by adding a few bold items of color.

3. Position mirrors just right. Make a room appear brighter and larger by positioning a mirror to reflect light and a view of outside.

4. Build a wall of shelves. See this tip in Custom-built egg-crate shelving covering an entire wall provides ample room to mix storage and display items. A combination of magazine organizers, baskets, and boxes provides storage and creates a pleasing, layered mix of objects.  

5. Add one oversized piece of art on a wall. It creates a strong focal point that opens up the room. Multiple pieces around the room can make it feel cluttered or smaller