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Michael R. Ginnaty

Margie and Mike Ginnaty
agents for DPR Realty
Mesa / Scottsdale, AZ

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Client Comments

Because of the efforts and knowledge of Mike & Margie Ginnaty, we were able to find a retirement house in Sunland Village East in a remarkably short period of time. Our move from Colorado to Arizona was amazing because of our relationship with the Ginnaty's. Ken & Jo
"I cannot think of anything you could have done to improve on the transaction. You went well above and beyond to make everything very smooth and easy. Thanks for being on top of everything and for you interest in our satisfaction". Dale
"Given our circumstances, not sure how we could have avoided paying more than the appraised value. The only negative in an otherwise flawless experience. Looking forward to listing our condo with you". Wayne & Connie
Margie & Mike made the selling of my house a great and fun thing to do. Chuck
Mike & Margie did a great job helping us navigate the difficult terrain of a home purchase. We recommend them to everyone! Mark & Sheila
We were very fortunate to have you as our realtor. You are the most knowledgeable and pleasant and honest person. You made our search, purchase and closing as smooth and trouble free as possible. You are highly regarded and respected by us. We would recommend your service to anyone looking to sell or purchase a home. Jim & Jan
You did an awesome job selling our house. I know there were ups and downs, but you helped walk us through. We love you both! Leroy & Janice
Thank you for all your kind help with the purchase of the house. Thank you for keeping us informed with the proceedings along the way. Enjoy the day! Curtis and Marlene
Though this purchase was frustrating at times. we appreciate all your hard work to move it along and the excellent communication you provided throughout the process. Thank you for your time and effort. Dan and Sheila
We can't think of anything you could have done better. We are very satisfied with your service. Answering questions and guiding us every step of the way. Between you and Jaxon at Chase, we had a great experience purchasing our condo. Thanks for all your help. Len and Judy
What can I say....just keep doing what you are doing and you will always have clients. Keep friendly and self confident and no problem. A joy to work with both of you. Myrt
Thank you for the wonderful, professional attention you gave our sale. We are enjoying our new home and know the buyer's were also pleased with the "old one". Good luck to you this coming year. Lowell and Mary
It's hard to think of anything else you could have done. You did a great job. You have been the best Realtor to work with. Tom
You answered all my questions and were very professional in handling my real estate purchase. Good job! Carroll
You were great and I really appreciate your fast action after I waited for four and one half months on another offer ( with another real estate agent ). Thanks! Cheri
Please don't ever change the way you do things. We were verylucky to find you on your website. We loved how you did the research and mapped out the route. I loved the personal touch you both gave. Great teamwork. Fun and friendly. We both love our house. Thanks to all your hard work. Jim & Laura
No complaints at all Mike! Thanks for helping us make the sale in a difficult market. Nest time we sell, we will be calling you. Rick & Barb ( repeat clients )
I don't know of anything you could have done better. You were very patient with our lack of knowledge and went beyond the call of duty. We really appreciated all you did for us! Thank you! Eldon & Arlene
We are impressed to have you as a realtor. Margie is a person that goes the extra mile for a person. We thank you very much for everything that you have done for us. Arthur & Debra
Just a note to express our thanks to you for all that you did to see that the sale and transfer of the Dodge Street house was successful. Thank you for coordinating the roof damage and repair, the air conditioning unit and repair, the damaged kitchen flooring and countless other projects. It is our prayer that God will continue to bless both of you. Shirley & Don
You did all the right things and have earned our business for life! Cameron & Monic
Our friends recommended Mike, but it was our good fortune to get Margie. She was a gift to us in handling our first home purchase in Mesa. She was organized, punctual and so very knowledgeable about the area we bought into ( Sunland Village East ). Charming as well!! Yvette & Ray ( referral clients )
I appreciate your dedication to our purchase which occured in a relatively short time due to your knowledge, personal contacts and timeless access. I was disappointed that the professional home inspector did not reveal the complete desintegration of the exterior drip watering system requiring its complete replacement. This being said, we remain enjoyed with our purchase and appreciate your help. Duane & Rita
I appreciated the way you handled yourself and myself. Keep up the good work! Darrell ( referral client )
It was a pleasant professional experience. We couldn't be more pleased. Wayne & Linda ( referral clients )
I wish to express appreciation of your having sent a copy of the Final Settlement Statement associated with the sale of our residence located in SVE. Looking back, Arlene and I also wish to say that we think you folks were outstanding agents in the manner you managed and handled the sale of our home. In talking with friends in SVE, should they have the need for a Realtor, we have highly recommend the Ginnaty's. Bill & Arlene
As always you did a phenomenal job. I just love working with you and know that if anyone can sell ( and close ) a home, in this day and marketplace, it is you. We can't avoid lender delays ( that I have on eveyone of my closings ). It is expected now for sure. You are one of the greatest agents out there. I look forward to working with you soon and keeping you very busy this year. ( note: Sharie is a certified relocation professional with a large corporate relocation firm ). Sharie
We thought you did an outstanding job in selling us our home. I just can't think of any way for you to improve. We wish you the very best. Joe & Jan
I never thought there was much of a difference among realtors until we met you. From our perspective, It seemed realtors all use the MLS, all have open houses, all have signs and all use the internet. From you we learned that a good realtor is a marketing professional who understands the product, understands the market and knows how to match the two. You sold our house in three days, at full price to qualified buyers. We couldn't wish for a better outcome. Thanks. All the Best Dan & Nancy ( referral clients )
Mark & I cannot thank you enough for the care you gave us, especially since there were so many miles involved. You took great care of us and again thank you so much. Mark & Norma
We recently completed a 2+ week trip to try delivering motor homes. It was an interesting couple of weeks and we are going to go back to Elkhart in mid May and hopefully do it for most of the summer. During our trip the proceeds from our home sale were wired into the account and as you can imagine, we were relieved to have the sale complete. John & Ginger
The purpose of this letter is to let you know how pleased we were with your service. The house was on the market in a very challenging time and we respected and appreciated the dilligence you showed in actively marketing the property through open houses and other contacts. You did everything a seller could hope for and expect from a real estate professional. In my mind, more important than the professionalism you exhibited as realtors was the fact that your word could be trusted without question. We made a number of revisions to the listing in phone conversations and each and every change was made exactly as represented. Unfortunately, honesty is becoming a rare commodity and I am thankful to have dealt with a couple that still exhibits the old time honesty that I respect, and is so much needed in today's business world. Sincerely
We were very impressed with the manner in which our house was sold. Especially the number of Open Houses. Thank You. Jack & Janet
Sorry we can't give you any ideas on how to improve. We were very pleased with your service. Your friendlyness and willingness to help was impressive. The return address labels with our new address you made have been a real time saver. Thanks! Bill & Arlene
We feel you did a terrific job in such a short time. You went out of your way to keep us and Joe informed. We couldn't have asked for better service. looking forward to being your neighbor. Thanks again! John & Sandra ( referral clients )
We were extremely pleased with all you did to help us buy our little dream cottage. You stayed with us and kept us informed every step of the way, which was very important to us. We never felt out of the loop. Gary & Claire
As a way of thanking you for the excellent and professional manner by which you handled the purchase of our home, we hope you both will enjoy a nice dinner with this certificate. We especially want to thank you for patiently answering our questions , for always keeping us informed and for the caring way in which you responded to our needs. Thanks so much. Joe & Jan
We are happy with all the help you have given to us. It has been a pleasure to work with you and now we feel we have an extended family member with the both of you. Best Regards. John & June
We both are very pleased with the way you handled our condo and don't think you could have done anything better. It is nice to deal with a realty agent that is so much on the ball. We really appreciated your fast responses to all the questions we asked. You're the best! Mark & Liz ( referral clients )
You did a great job! You were speedy in getting everything together. Can't think of anything that needs improvement. Bill & Donna
We are very pleased with the professional way we were treated and your efforts to keep us informed at all stages of the purchase. Thanks! Al & Sharon
You were very helpful and insightful. You thought of issues we wouldn't have considered. Your guidance assured us of a successful conclusion to this sale. Thanks again. Curtis & Donna ( referral clients )
You were one of the most professional Realtors that I have had the pleasure of working with. You provided good objective perspectives that enabled us to make the proper decisions. As you know, I am a real estate broker. I'm not easily impressed. Your service was impressive. Mike & Joanne
Thanks so much for selling our home. It was on the market quite a while & after we switched to you it sold in 14 days at full price! Thanks again Mike & Tana ( referral clients )
Received your voicemail yesterday inquiring on how things were going for us with our new home, and want you to know we are very happy! We would like to thank you for your thorough and professional services in assisting us with finding a new home, negotiating the contract, and then monitoring the process all the way through closing. We are impressed with the individualism you showed us in listening to our needs and focusing on those rather than trying to promote your own agenda as some realtors do. We would not hesitate to use your services again and will recommend you to others without reservation. Thanks! Dave & Beth
Well it doesn't seem possible, but I have arrived at my new home in Maui. Thanks for all your help and professionalism in selling my property in Mesa, Arizona. Not an easy task for a nearly 78 year old widower man to even accomplish and without your help, I wouldn't have. May God Bless you both a lot and may we meet again one day should you visit Maui. Fond Alohas. Don ( referral client )
I want you to know how much I appreciate all your help with my son. It means a lot to me, since I am out of state. The house is going to be BIG step for him, but I am confident that it will be a GREAT one for him too! Thanks so very much for everything! Marilyn ( referral clients )
Thank you for your professionalism in helping me to find my first home. I will recommend you to anyone I meet who is in need of an agent. Ashley ( referral client )
Thanks again for your help through our recent transaction. I found the service you provided to be professional, friendly and thorough. It appears that you worked well with the seller's agent to make it a smooth transaction. While there were some challenges with the house when we moved in, your assistance in getting AHS to perform was invaluable. I think that we both learned a lesson about moving to a new house in the middle of the Phoenix summer. I would definitely hire you in the future and also recommend you to anyone looking to buy or sell property. Eric ( repeat clients )
We are almost settled in our home, here in snowy Minnesota and want to let you know how much we appreciate all you did to make this move successful..... Our thanks to both of you for the quick sale of our home and the many nice things you have done for us. We are still amazed at how everything went. We are convinced we had the right Realtors! Phil & Sally ( referral clients )
We want to thank you so very much for all you did for us in finding a home. Our transition here was difficult enough, but you made finding a new home very easy and smooth. We know that God placed you in our lives, & to Him we are grateful! and a couple of years later when it came time to transfer again.... You are the best realtor we could ever have had! All your hard work and efforts, positive words....all, really kept us going! We thank God that He put you in our lives! Thank you, from the bottom of our hearts! We will always be grateful for everything youv'e done and the friend you have become! Thanks again! God Bless You! Ron & Diane
I appreciate the extra time and effort that you put in since I wasn't in Arizona while getting my condo sold. "You said you would get it sold and you did". Thanks again. Gletha ( referral client )
You did a great job for us, both selling and buying. Ann and I have been buying and selling homes ( 9 ) for 35 years. You are by far the most professional. Thanks Frank & Ann ( repeat clients )
We would like to take a moment to say thank you! Thank you for finding us our first new home! What a blessing it was to spend Easter in our new home...and what a blessing you are. We have been very busy painting and making the house a home. We have already had some family stay with us! How neat it was to actually have room for everyone. Once again, thank you for everything! Chad & Kellye ( repeat clients )
You made my experience of selling my home very wonderful, thank you! I appreciate how you're always available to answer any questions I may have, and you are great about informing me of details I would have overlooked. Everything went smoothly with the sale of my home, and I would definitely recommend you to anyone thinking of buying or selling property. Thanks again! Kathy ( repeat client )
I'm extremely satisfied!! Thanks for a job well done! Rob ( referral client )
We were so impressed with your service. We have never heard of a Realtor as great as you have been. Even our extended family couldn't believe the service we received. Thank you for everything! Jonna & Shayne ( referral clients ) were a great help in selling my brother's home in Mesa. "You got the job done", thank you! Thank you also for your weekly calls to inform me what was going on. I'm very happy that my friend gave me your telephone number. Thank You for everything! Helen & Edgar ( referral clients )
We are still surrounded by boxes but things are starting to come together slowly but surely. It feels so good to be here and I am sure we made the right decision to get back to the south. Thank you for all your time and patience during the listing and sale of our condo. As always, a job well done. It is hard to believe that we have been associated for nearly ten years. Time does fly. Our last transaction with you provided the highest resale value within the complex. Thank you again. Bill & Ann ( repeat clients ) did a good job. Your customer service was great and continues to be. I have no complaints at this point and would be happy to refer you to anyone I know. Chris & Sachiyo ( referral clients )
We are very appreciative of all you did for us. Thank You !! Gus & Tammie ( repeat clients )
Thanks so much for all you have done for us over the last little while. We have been dreaming of owning our own home for years now, and it seemed so far away from becoming a reality.....that is, until you stepped in. We really didn't know what to expect and you just made it all so easy for us. You have won us over completely and will have our business and friendship for many years to come. Hopefully we can return the favor by recommending many more friends and family members in the near future. Thanks again for everything! Andy & Leyla ( referral clients )
Thank you so very much for finding my perfect home. As you said, I would know it was the one for me when I walked in the front door! ........your help throughout has been professional and so appreciated. I will definitely refer you to anyone I know that is looking to buy or sell. Judy ( referral client )
You didn't have to do what you did...and that's what made it so nice. Joel & Tina
Not a day goes by, that we don't think of you. Your kindness meant more to us than you will ever know. We still can't believe we were able to sell both homes so fast, thanks to you. How lucky can we get. Al & Annie
We are both happy with our experience while purchasing our home through you. Our old house has already been sold and the closing was last Saturday. We have company arriving this Sunday - whew!! Thank you and take care. Mike & Carol ( referral clients )
Just wanted to let you know that our experience with you was great. You were great to bounce ideas off and help us stay on focus in trying to make a very difficult decision in the Valley of the Sun. We love our new location as it fits this small town Iowa couple. The school across the street is a mecca for sweet noise to our ears ( children playing ) which reminds us that we are still young and full of life. Thanks for being there for us and we look forward to recomending other clients your way. Cam & Mo ( repeat clients )
We appreciate all your hard work closing our deal and love the decision we made. We really can't wait to get started enjoying the many activities available now that we are settled. We still have a list of to-do items, but it is small in comparison to what it was! Have a wonderful summer. Ted & Patrice
We had a good experience working with you, Margie. You did well picking us up to show us homes and being there when business papers were signed, etc. We enjoyed working with you. See you this fall. Lee & Bev
We would like to thank you for being honest and up front with us. Based on your information, we were able to contact a realtor here in Duncan, BC who was able to help us. We wish you happy holidays spent with your family. Take care; and again THANK YOU VERY MUCH!! Delia & Doug ( referral clients )
I was referred to you by a friend as I wanted to sell my home. It was my best decision! What could have been a stressful and overwhelming situation, was made smooth and easy by your experience and expertise. You were very helpful in guiding me through the selling process and I felt completely taken care of and supported. I would not hesitate to contact you again for any future real estate needs. Hedy ( referral client )
Overall very pleasant experience working with you. Carol & Mike
You are a very experienced, knowledgeable, trust worthy, no pressure and supportive agent. You were with us every step of the way and made the entire process stress free for us. We feel as though we have made a new friend. Dave & Diann
Bill and I were very happy with your service as we bought our condo and afterwards. We appreciated the quick responses to our questions, needs and how Margie was working for "us". If we didn't think of something, you did. One suggestion we would have, is for your office person to be more knowledgeable. See you later this year. Bill & Jean
We'd like to thank you for your information on real estate legalities in Arizona. Also for helping us find a place we would be comfortable in for future visits to Arizona. Recommending the home and termite inspector was greatly appreciated. Also, the suggestion of the Honest Air Conditioner people was really useful. Working with the First American Title Insurance Company down in Arizona, while we worked with the branch here in Woodbury, Minnesota, made everything go smoothly with the purchase of our new condo in Sunland Village East. Thank You with sincere appreciation. Susan & Arthur
We want to thank you for your kindness and God given gift to make people comfortable and know you are trustworthy. When you walk with God, it shows through your earthly job, also a blessing to people around you. You were an answer to our prayers. We asked God for a Christian male real estate agent, He sent us to you. We are thankful for your walk with God and your ability to help people on the way. Tim, Ronda and Nathan
Thank you for your consideration and thoughtfulness in helping us with our closing on the condo. It was a busy month for us, my hospital stay and our grand-daughter being in the hospital for 10 weeks. She is home and on the road to recovery. We appreciate everything you have done for us. Allen & Betty
We want to thank you for all your help involving the purchase of our condo in Mesa SVE. You were very professional, yet so kind and considerate to us. We have given your cards to several people and told them about you. God speed. Flora & Kerwin
We really appreciated all your help in finding our home in Mesa. Your attention to detail was fantastic and you understood what we were looking for. You went above and beyond in helping us with all aspects and were very knowledgeable - answered our questions without hesitation and got back to us at once when necessary. Thank you very much. Lance & Mary
Mike was very knowledgeable regarding the transaction. He had workable solutions for any situation that came up. Great communication. Mark & Rhonda ( repeat clients )
We were treated like more than just clients. You were so very helpful and very accommodating to us. We would definitely use you both again. Gene & Leslie
You did a fantastic job. Always there when I called or returned calls shortly. Closing and sale went smoothly, even with being out of state. I will recommend you to others. Thanks Art
My new "digs" look great. Drop by if you're in the area. You did a terrific job..... I would give you high marks! Regards Cathryn
To say we were "more than pleased" would be an understatement. You did a "super job" and we would recommend your services to anyone who might be considering listing their property with a realtor. Thank you for your services. If we had additional property, we would list it with you!!! Bill & Mary
Mom & I both thought you did an outstanding job selling our property. We appreciated the number of open houses you conducted and letting us know comments and concerns. The listing presentation and pictures were amazing and you covered all aspects. Thank you for all your hard work, it paid off for all. Laurie & Yvette
I am just taking a quick moment to thank you for your help on our recent adventure in home selling / buying. It was a real adventure. Your attention to detail, follow through and closely monitoring what the other agent was doing to keep things rolling was amazing. Over the years after buying and selling multiple homes with you, I have been spoiled. I hear of friends that are having a nightmare getting through a home transaction because they do not have representation with experience, or persistence like you do. I am truly grateful to have happened across you many years ago when we did. You have become trusted representation and a friend. Here's to our new home that is PERFECT. It would not have if it weren't for your help. Just think how important finding a new home can be. You are the BEST! Literally. Thanks again, Mathew
You definitely know your business. The 1,000 mile distance was not a problem. My making an "offer" and you setting up the "closing" went beautifully. MANY THANKS for all YOU did! See you soon! Laurie
Keary & I could not have found a more understanding person to find us the right home. You went out of your way to take us around and time to look until it was right. Thanks so much. Keary & Marie
You did a great job for us. Our house sold in one week. You worked very hard for us and we recommend you very highly. Hank & Karen
"Professionalism with a heart"... a high quality in this day and age. Al & Jen
We couldn't ask for anyone better. You did a fine job and we're both very happy. We would not hesitate to recommend you to others. We are in and settled and so far very happy! Thank you so much! Dwaine & Kay
Just a note to let you know that it was truly a pleasure having you as my real estate agent on the purchase of my house. Having bought and sold over 20 houses; this sale was by far the smoothest I've ever had. Your professionalism, attention to detail and diligence in keeping me updated during each step of the sale was very much appreciated. I will recommend you to everyone I know who is contemplating buying or selling real estate. Thanks again. Thomas

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